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Maximize Efficient Work Communication for Virtual Assistant Services

by Amir on September 25, 2011

  Maximize Efficient Work Communication for Virtual Assistant Services Virtual assistant services make use of new communication platforms, specifically asynchronous communication.  This type of communication flow helps keep track of all information coming in and out of a certain transaction.  Like the word implies, it is all about taking turns.

Nobody gets ahead of the other and therefore, it is impossible to miss out on instructions because with it comes the necessity of confirming the receipt of messages.  Tasks become clearer and more effectively executed because of the asynchronous nature of virtual assistant services.

Communication becomes your currency and technology, your platform.  Such is the province of asynchronous communication.  It makes it easier to specify tasks and provide feedback. Work is done a lot faster as opposed to an actual office.  Although in actual praxis, people need to dialogue constantly especially during brainstorming.

But there is a tendency for this to overload if not moderated properly.  When one seeks out virtual assistant services, the content of discussions within a work team is at a constant monitor and moderation.  People are more likely to conform to tasks and expectations when they have confirmed real time, which in this case is made possible by setting up a more “online” business space.

Here are a set of tried and tested platforms that virtual assistants can use to communicate with their employers and co-workers:

1. Email – This is one reliable platform. E-mail is simply electronic mail and most emails have loads of memory enough to store up to thousands of emails a day. Good news: I believe Yahoo and Google are still updating to increase this memory.

2. Social Networking Sites – Although social networking can easily blur the line between work and personal life, social networking platforms are great for real-time updating and communication. You can upload photos, chat, send private messages and post public messages on people’s/ company’s profiles and promote your website and online presence using famous social networking tools.

3. Chat – The spouse of email, chat is also a great, cost effective way of real-time communication. Chat may seem like that hobby you used to do with your long lost friends and your school peers. In the professional world, chat takes on a more serious look. For optimal communication, one can couple chat with video, sound, screen sharing and conferencing. Ten years ago, who knew these things would be available to us at near zero cost?

Finally, let us take note that for every benefit there is something that one foregoes such as the building of rapport between individuals in a team.  Communication is more fluid in actual life and also entails a lot of non-verbal cues.  There are many times, in crucial decision making, that we miss detecting intentions due to the remote nature of online work.

However, these kinds of pitfalls may easily be forgiven what with the highly professional environment brought out by virtual assistant services, which are essentially asynchronous. At the end of the day, professionalism and good manners are still non-negotiable, no matter what communication platform it is that you’re using.

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