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What an Online Assistant Can Do For Your Business?

by Amir on December 12, 2011

Online AssistantAn online assistant is the one that can work for your daily business and personal errands in virtual way using the internet to effectively communicate each other. This list of business and personal tasks is dependent on the nature of your job and expertise. Successful business owners and entrepreneurs take advantage of the tremendous benefits derived from hiring an online assistant. Their secret? They cut their working time in half and get away with it. The following are the things they do not do:

  1. Cleaning the Inbox. You must have been compelled to check your email every day. You sort their as newsletters, online news, subscriptions, and junk mails. You may not know it but you are spending a lot of time digging out what you think could be substantial to you – a worthy client email that could make you money. Why not hire an online assistant to do the sorting tasks? An online assistant can deliver to you only the emails that are so important for your business – the one thing you ought to focus and be busy of.

  3. Handling the Basic Work. Pretty sure you know your business very well, you have gone through the hands on of setting up a business appointment – taking down the basic information, contract verification, and all sorts. It’s now time to graduate and pass on the tedious things to someone who can do it for you in a lesser time with efficiency. A lot of online assistants out there are pretty experts on every aspect of the basic works.

  5. Sending Reminders to Clients. As a part of keeping and taking care of your customers and clients, you are obliged to send reminders to them like invoices, contract requirements, and the like. The fact is you keep sending these things to them in a periodic basis, more like a template email for the sake of customer service formality. How about instructing someone to copy and paste the same email on a scheduled time changing some contact details for different clients? It makes sense hiring an online assistant to do this job for you.

  7. Schedule Business Appointments. It can be so tedious to set up a business appointment to a lot of customers sometimes. You only know the time you can’t be available but it is so frustrating to adjust your schedules from one client to another. An online assistant can do the scheduling tasks for you and you need to know only your business appointments set and prepared at any time you are available.

  9. Researching for Potential Customers. Big companies often have a sales and marketing department. But in case don’t need to have a big department for that and incur a greater cost, hiring an online assistant is so cost-effective to do the sales and marketing research for you. Some skillful individuals out there are adept in internet marketing – email, facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.

  11. Checking for Errors. Most of the times we think we already have done enough and we feel it is so burdensome to re-check our work. But sometime we neglect some bits and pieces of what actually our clients are looking for. That is why you need a quality assurance protocol to make sure that your transactions are already hassle-free. And it really pays to have an online assistant to check things out the ones you failed to notice.

  13. Doing the Repetitive Works. It can be so tiresome to do things over and over again when you know you should be up for something. Some tasks like posting website updates and taking website visitors information can be too much of a business owner. While some online VA out there could do these things in a fashionable way. You only have to wait their insights to improve your business.


What Are the Things They Only Do?

  1. Read only important emails.

  3. Attend to appointments.

  5. Answer to courtesy calls whenever necessary.

  7. Sign for business contracts.


At the end of the day, they knew everything is scheduled and worked as expected.

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