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Online Personal Assistants : Top Qualities You Should Be Looking For

by Amir on December 13, 2011

Personal AssistantToday’s typical personal assistants are not only limited to answering calls, keeping records of business correspondence, or reminding their boss’ daily appointments. A personal assistant proves to be an integral part of his employer’s business transactions.

In a virtual setup, for business owners and managers doing online business, an online assistant must complement to the nature of his boss’ daily itineraries. A typical online assistant is innovative, highly motivated, and talented to support his employer in many different ways. Since instruction is being forwarded online, a PA must be confident enough to carry out multi-tasking and dedicated enough to meet what is expected of him by his manager punctually.

To dig more into the qualities of a reliable online personal assistant, he must have the following characteristics: 

  • Good computing skills and knowledgeable in all office application software commonly used in a working office environment.
  • Savvy in using recent technological tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to speed up the business process.
  • Efficient in handling his employer’s calendar of appointments and activities, especially in organizing meetings with clients and customers.
  • Pleasing personality not only to his employer but also towards clients and customers having an inquiry about the business.
  • Good communication skills, especially in English (written and verbal).
  • Efficient in organizing and keeping business transactions done through telephone conversations, email correspondence, business reply mails, and other forms of data communications.
  • Excellent in making negotiations, especially in engaging with clients and business partners of his employer.
  • Knowledgeable in arranging flights and estimating travel costs.
  • Know-how in making business presentations as well as researching supporting details of his employer’s reports and proposals.
  • Adept in using database for archiving business records and transactions, as well as keeping clients’ mailing list information.
  • Capable of maintaining a professional working relationship with his employer and business customers.

Given the above qualifications of an online personal assistant, any business owner or entrepreneur is assured that his PA is thinking two steps ahead of him. The resourcefulness of a personal assistant could give a positive impact on how a business transaction goes on even in a virtual way. The key feature of a good personal assistant is being flexible to dedicate his abilities to his employer, and reserves a time to learn for things that his employer might use someday, somehow.

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