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Top 3 Small Business Services Can be Outsourced Virtually

by Amir on December 13, 2011

Small Business ServicesSmall business services are keys of retaining clients and customers and building good business relationships with them. These reinforce the trust of customers that will eventually make referrals and recommendations for your business. However, as a business owner, you may not have the luxury of time to attend to these small business services as you want to focus on improving and expanding your business. It’s really a good news that business processes and services can be outsourced online. Most successful businessman took advantage of outsourcing business processes and services to save cost, time and money.

The following are top 3 small business services that can be effectively outsourced online to a number of reliable service providers:

1. Technical Assistance Service

Technical assistance involves a comprehensive demonstration on how to use your product. It heavily relies on product information and technical procedures of a proper use of your business product items. Big businesses even outsource their technical support services to offshore call center firms to mitigate the cost associated assisting customers on how to use their products. As your business gains increasing number of customers, attending technical assistance is important to keep them patronize your products for a long time. One or two virtual assistants can be enough for a small business to cater customers, depending on the rate of inquiry related to technical assistance.

2. Information Service

Information service focused mainly on the overall product information and extends this product knowledge to customers and potential customers. It can be done as either inbound or outbound. Inbound information service attend only to incoming calls of inquiry about the products being offered by your business. Outbound information service, on the other hand, may require a demographic profile of target customers and make a call to them presenting vital information about your products and why the called party needs them. Sometimes an outbound information service is also called as telemarketing agents. However, as technology progress and data communications not only limited to call, outbound information service includes email marketing, SEO, and social media promotion.

3. Business Support Service

Business support service is more on the internal aspect of small business services. This sector handles future directions of the business like marketing research, strategy, and campaign plan. Big companies often outsource an operations research team to optimize their business transactions – reduce cost and increase profit. In a small business, this can be translated to local business marketing, internet marketing, and conventional media marketing.


The good thing for both big and small businesses is that outsourcing plays a vital role in reducing manpower costs to cater out these business services. Since big business also requires huge manpower, they often outsource in call center and IT firms. Small business, on the other hand, can take advantage of virtual assistant services from a VA company or freelancers. The next step is to get a reliable outsourcing company or individuals that could catalyze business services smoothly.


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