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What Everybody Should Know About Successful Outsourcing

by Amir on March 18, 2013

offshore-outsourcingThe most important aspect before deciding to outsource any area of your business is to analyze the requirements of your company. Understanding the process of outsourcing may be a big thing for a newcomer but success greatly depends on how a business owner manage the hiring process and what should be done after the contract has been signed. Most companies hand over the job to the service provider who posted the lowest bid without taking into consideration the qualities and skills of this provider. When this happens, you can expect that sooner or later there will be missed deadlines, quality work is jeopardized and the result handed to you is sub-standard.


There are several tips on how a business owner or manager can be successful in outsourcing in order for a company to meet their desired goal.

Success Tip # 1: Select the right virtual assistant. Based on the recent studies conducted when outsourcing a virtual assistant, a lot of business owners or managers responded that if given the chance to do the process all over again, 35% answered they wished they have taken more time in selecting the right virtual assistant for their job requirement.

Success Tip # 2: Outsource for the right reason. An outsourcing company should be an asset to any company. However, one must also know that an outsourcing company should not be depended upon to fix any business issue that has been going on within the company for a long time. Outsourcing is not the answer to any company who are having problems with their Graphics Department who are consistently missing on deadlines due to the client’s different preference. When you outsource this aspect of your business it will surely result in higher cost and frustrations.

Success Tip # 3: Monitor regularly. Once you are already reaping your success in outsourcing, it is only normal for a business owner to relax and enjoy the fruits of his hard work. However, this often leads to the manager being contented and totally forgets to check the day-to-day work. So, in order for you to stay away from this kind of issue, you must do a performance review on your outsourcing company. Oftentimes, business owners assign a local employee to watch the performance of these virtual assistants.

Success Tip # 4: Measure quality of service. According to the study conducted on outsourcing, 49% of business owners who participated said that goals should be well-defined and realistic. A company should have a key performance indicator to be able to know if a contractor or a virtual assistant is performing to the level of service that is required by the company. This way, a business manager will be able to handle future issues and address them in a timely manner.

Success Tip # 5: Know when to stop outsourcing. When a company has decided to outsource any of their business area, the manager must also be able to know when to stop doing it. A consultant will greatly help you especially if the job involves exposing the company to big risks. An adviser can also help when the company executives does not have any experience outsourcing or hiring a contractor for their job requirement.

If the above tips were carefully considered and followed, a business manager can focus on the core aspects of the company. The long-term results can be beneficial and the company can be assured that they are on their way to success.

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