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Reasons Why VA International Could Be The Answer To Your Staffing Needs

by Amir on March 26, 2013

Offshore-OutsourcingThe boom in outsourcing services is an attractive solution for business finance because of its effect on the overhead cost. However, most business owners and managers who are new to this industry find it inappropriate if not impossible to hire somebody across the globe to do their customer service tasks or IT jobs. The emerging trend of outsourcing does not appeal to old-fashioned businessmen and entrepreneurs. They often cringe at the idea of communicating with their staff via the internet only. These business managers and owners often question the reliability and integrity of the staff that will be assigned to them. In addition, an organization who wants to venture into outsourcing must look for a reputable and trustworthy outsourcing company who has been in the industry for a long time.

Virtual Assistants International, one of the pioneers in the outsourcing service industry has been outsourcing English speaking Filipinos for decades. An American based company, VA International developed a  customized business model that addresses all concerns regarding offshore outsourcing.

To start, VA International’s service includes assistance in hiring the appropriate staff for the job which resulted in establishing a successful and lasting working relationship. VA International provides prospective clients with pre-screened candidates who passed the rigid screening process ensuring they have the necessary qualifications and work related experience. An additional screening process that the candidates must pass includes having a working computer equipment and a fast and reliable broadband internet connection.

VA International ensures that outsourcing your service provider to them will work to your business advantage. A great deal of investment was placed on developing their monitoring system which keeps the service provider accountable while working for you. This technology includes online timesheet which is linked to payroll and invoice that assures clients that they only pay the contractor for the number of hours worked.

VA International highly values provision of quality staffing solution and staff retention. This is achieved by their client invoicing system which is done one month in advanced. This system addresses the outsourcing  issues like payroll, security when dealing with quality clients and contractors and lastly this system helps VA International maintain the ability to provide quality contractors that you can partner with over a long period of time. They only cater to quality clients who made a crucial decision to commission their staffing needs through them. They have seen how a client’s business soars higher than expected which resulted to business growth and increased profit.

Therefore, if you are a business owner who wants to have more time focusing on the more important aspect of your business, and you find that the long process of hiring employees or contractors will take much of your time, you might want to consider VA International for your staffing needs because of their reliable procedures and technology that will help you to maintain a sustainable and harmonious working relationship with your outsourced staff.

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