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How to spot the best virtual assistant

by Amir on July 9, 2013



An increasing trend is now being felt where professionals and entrepreneurs are opting to hire virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are considered to be cost effective and they can also answer almost all of the needs you require, ranging from tracking your financial reports, keeping your PR needs looking good or even ordering your favorite lunch.

Since there is a demand there are many individuals who would like to get a piece of it. So it is up to those who require the service of a virtual assistant to really make sure they get the cream of the crop. Now how do we really identify the best virtual assistant from the prowl? You can narrow it down by looking for the best virtual assistant companies; make sure that you do background research still. Getting a service of a virtual assistant from established companies gives you an upper hand that you will be having a competent one since the company does their own screening.  This would also give you an escalation route if there is any performance concern that needs to be addressed.

Another point that can be considered is their history of work. In most cases you can ask virtual assistants around their previous projects. You also need to make sure that you get to speak to them; this will ensure that their verbal communication skills are at the level of your liking.

Instead of crossing your fingers or blindly picking someone as your VA, you can consider these simple things in making your decision and hopefully it will help you to get the best virtual assistant out there.

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