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by Cris Bautista on July 16, 2013


downloadMany among us wakes up 3 hours before our scheduled shift at work and that can get worse depending on how far you are to your office. Some needed more time to put their make up on or make sure they will look good especially if there is a scheduled meeting. This is how an average employee who works in an office usually starts their day. On the other hand let’s have a look at how Prince starts his working day. He works for Virtual Assistants International, as the name suggests it is a company which offers virtual assistants’ services. Prince’ shift starts at 10 PM and he normally wakes up at around 8:30 pm.  What he does normally to kick off his day is not so different from a common office employee, but the best part is that his traveling time is just as quick as pressing the power button of his PC. With this, Prince rarely incur any tardiness and remains more than punctual to his clients because of the obvious reason that he works from home. This is not a luxury for an office employee where traffic, weather and long walks are a daily mundane factor and sometimes contributes to an employee being late at work.

During working hours a rock star employee delivers his reports on time, conducts reviews excellently and provides exceptional insights in business discussions. There’s really no difference if compared to the best virtual assistant like Prince where he also remarkably exhibits a great job to every task being given to him. Now the lunch time hits and the rock star employee now starts to walk through the hallway, squeeze his way into the elevator, swipe his faulty ID for a couple of times to exit and lastly falls in line to order his favorite lunch. This is where another difference happens. For the virtual assistant who works from home he just needs to makes his effort less one-two step towards the kitchen where his home cooked meal is waiting to be relished.

After work for typical employee, depending on how bad or good the day went he goes to bar along with his pals and have one bottle of beer at least. This is where office gossips, frustrations and concerns are being brainstormed which normally lead to a more negative feeling. Financially speaking, these are the things that are being overlooked and it affects the households’ budget at the end of the month. Now for a virtual assistant he ends his day as easy as turning off his PC and effortlessly makes his way to the living room where his lovely wife and cute little kids are waiting to take his negative vibes from work away from him.


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