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5 Steps To Become A Virtual Assistant

by Cris Bautista on July 25, 2013

Virtual Assistant

Nowadays the Internet is such a powerful tool which makes it possible for people to work together even if they are thousand miles away from each other. This gives a doorway to the birth of an individual who is now considered as a vital key of a business organization, and that is our Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is someone who offers support to someone via the internet. Services being offered ranges from SEO, Internet Marketing, administrative tasks up to coaching and business presentations. So, the next question is how to become a Virtual Assistant and take a piece of the growing opportunity around it?

Here I have listed five steps to help you to become a Virtual Assistant and have a great start.

  • CONFIRM YOUR RESOLVE – This is something that needs to be cleared first. A Virtual Assistant’s world flows in a result driven environment with minimal supervision and can even go as far as no supervision at all. Because of that it easy for someone to go astray and drift if the level of dedication and conviction is not enough to go against the distractions of working from home has to offer. You need to tell yourself “I AM A ROCK STAR VIRTUAL ASSITANT”.
  • RESEARCH – This is a common practice yet very effective, knowing the basic information on something is very essential for anyone who is new around it. Allot of major pitfalls can be preempted and put you at par with the professionals around the virtual arena.
  • ACQUIRE A COMPUTER – Well of course you need one since this job dwells in a virtual realm. If you’re thinking that an internet café or barrowing a computer would suffice that wouldn’t work. This job requires accessibility to the internet which means having a descent personal computer is a major necessity. If you don’t have any do your research first before buying one.
  • SUBRSCIBE FOR AN INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER – This one is a must because an internet service will be your core means of information between you and your future clients. Whenever choosing your ISP remember not to compromise the quality for the price.
  • JOIN A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT FIRM OR COMPANY – Professional Virtual Assistants already managed to build their networks and contacts which help them to get a job and fill in the hours. For starters the best way to do it is to join one of the best virtual companies that offer a Virtual Assistant services. Doing this will give you more market value to the world of Virtual assistant and eventually bit by bit build your own network and contacts.

So there you go, follow this few steps and for sure you will have a fantastic experience as a neophyte in the virtual industry.


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