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Unconventional Ways to Reduce Stress

by Cris Bautista on July 25, 2013


Thousands of techniques are out there that can help you de-stress; this includes the inhale and exhale with some incantations in between, massaging your forehead, or even following weird diets. On this post you I will share a not so typical way of de-stressing.

  1. HAVE AN EYE FOR BEAUTY – You see, even when people (especially men) are so burdened with problems and so stressed out about it they can still throw a smile, paint a happy face whenever a gorgeous girl or guy asks for something. In this Idea whenever you are stressed instead of waiting for that someone, why not go ahead and aggressively look for one. Once you land a glance to him or her for sure it will give you the same effect.
  2. PINCH YOUR LOBULE – Well you might be asking me what Lobule is, that is the lower part of your ear, the fleshy one where your earring hangs. For this technique to be effective you need to wet your hands first then press your “lobule” just like pinching it. Then savor the feeling of cooling down.
  3. RELISH SIMPLE PLEASURES – Find pleasure in simple things. For sure you’ve seen this in movies already but a classic example is going to the rooftop of your building and revel in the view.
  4. CONNECT WITH MOTHER EARTH – Remember the feeling you get when you watch a scene on TV where it showcases a rainforest’s beauty? Those clear soothing feeling, grab your backpack and tag along with some of your friends.
  5. TALK WITH A KID – Preferably a 3-5 year old kid, kids does have many questions and sometimes when you give someone a taste of their medicine it gives you a positive feeling in return. This time you do the never ending series of questions to a kid and be amazed on their answers.

Above all stress or physical health can be stirred by our state of mind. Hope this few things will help you in a moment of stress.

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