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Unconventional Ways to Reduce Stress

by Cris Bautista on July 25, 2013


Thousands of techniques are out there that can help you de-stress; this includes the inhale and exhale with some incantations in between, massaging your forehead, or even following weird diets. On this post you I will share a not so typical way of de-stressing.

  1. HAVE AN EYE FOR BEAUTY – You see, even when people (especially men) are so burdened with problems and so stressed out about it they can still throw a smile, paint a happy face whenever a gorgeous girl or guy asks for something. In this Idea whenever you are stressed instead of waiting for that someone, why not go ahead and aggressively look for one. Once you land a glance to him or her for sure it will give you the same effect.
  2. PINCH YOUR LOBULE – Well you might be asking me what Lobule is, that is the lower part of your ear, the fleshy one where your earring hangs. For this technique to be effective you need to wet your hands first then press your “lobule” just like pinching it. Then savor the feeling of cooling down.
  3. RELISH SIMPLE PLEASURES – Find pleasure in simple things. For sure you’ve seen this in movies already but a classic example is going to the rooftop of your building and revel in the view.
  4. CONNECT WITH MOTHER EARTH – Remember the feeling you get when you watch a scene on TV where it showcases a rainforest’s beauty? Those clear soothing feeling, grab your backpack and tag along with some of your friends.
  5. TALK WITH A KID – Preferably a 3-5 year old kid, kids does have many questions and sometimes when you give someone a taste of their medicine it gives you a positive feeling in return. This time you do the never ending series of questions to a kid and be amazed on their answers.

Above all stress or physical health can be stirred by our state of mind. Hope this few things will help you in a moment of stress.


5 Steps To Become A Virtual Assistant

by Cris Bautista on July 25, 2013

Virtual Assistant

Nowadays the Internet is such a powerful tool which makes it possible for people to work together even if they are thousand miles away from each other. This gives a doorway to the birth of an individual who is now considered as a vital key of a business organization, and that is our Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is someone who offers support to someone via the internet. Services being offered ranges from SEO, Internet Marketing, administrative tasks up to coaching and business presentations. So, the next question is how to become a Virtual Assistant and take a piece of the growing opportunity around it?

Here I have listed five steps to help you to become a Virtual Assistant and have a great start.

  • CONFIRM YOUR RESOLVE – This is something that needs to be cleared first. A Virtual Assistant’s world flows in a result driven environment with minimal supervision and can even go as far as no supervision at all. Because of that it easy for someone to go astray and drift if the level of dedication and conviction is not enough to go against the distractions of working from home has to offer. You need to tell yourself “I AM A ROCK STAR VIRTUAL ASSITANT”.
  • RESEARCH – This is a common practice yet very effective, knowing the basic information on something is very essential for anyone who is new around it. Allot of major pitfalls can be preempted and put you at par with the professionals around the virtual arena.
  • ACQUIRE A COMPUTER – Well of course you need one since this job dwells in a virtual realm. If you’re thinking that an internet café or barrowing a computer would suffice that wouldn’t work. This job requires accessibility to the internet which means having a descent personal computer is a major necessity. If you don’t have any do your research first before buying one.
  • SUBRSCIBE FOR AN INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER – This one is a must because an internet service will be your core means of information between you and your future clients. Whenever choosing your ISP remember not to compromise the quality for the price.
  • JOIN A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT FIRM OR COMPANY – Professional Virtual Assistants already managed to build their networks and contacts which help them to get a job and fill in the hours. For starters the best way to do it is to join one of the best virtual companies that offer a Virtual Assistant services. Doing this will give you more market value to the world of Virtual assistant and eventually bit by bit build your own network and contacts.

So there you go, follow this few steps and for sure you will have a fantastic experience as a neophyte in the virtual industry.




by Cris Bautista on July 16, 2013


downloadMany among us wakes up 3 hours before our scheduled shift at work and that can get worse depending on how far you are to your office. Some needed more time to put their make up on or make sure they will look good especially if there is a scheduled meeting. This is how an average employee who works in an office usually starts their day. On the other hand let’s have a look at how Prince starts his working day. He works for Virtual Assistants International, as the name suggests it is a company which offers virtual assistants’ services. Prince’ shift starts at 10 PM and he normally wakes up at around 8:30 pm.  What he does normally to kick off his day is not so different from a common office employee, but the best part is that his traveling time is just as quick as pressing the power button of his PC. With this, Prince rarely incur any tardiness and remains more than punctual to his clients because of the obvious reason that he works from home. This is not a luxury for an office employee where traffic, weather and long walks are a daily mundane factor and sometimes contributes to an employee being late at work.

During working hours a rock star employee delivers his reports on time, conducts reviews excellently and provides exceptional insights in business discussions. There’s really no difference if compared to the best virtual assistant like Prince where he also remarkably exhibits a great job to every task being given to him. Now the lunch time hits and the rock star employee now starts to walk through the hallway, squeeze his way into the elevator, swipe his faulty ID for a couple of times to exit and lastly falls in line to order his favorite lunch. This is where another difference happens. For the virtual assistant who works from home he just needs to makes his effort less one-two step towards the kitchen where his home cooked meal is waiting to be relished.

After work for typical employee, depending on how bad or good the day went he goes to bar along with his pals and have one bottle of beer at least. This is where office gossips, frustrations and concerns are being brainstormed which normally lead to a more negative feeling. Financially speaking, these are the things that are being overlooked and it affects the households’ budget at the end of the month. Now for a virtual assistant he ends his day as easy as turning off his PC and effortlessly makes his way to the living room where his lovely wife and cute little kids are waiting to take his negative vibes from work away from him.



When do you need help?

by Amir on July 9, 2013

helpWe are now living in a fast paced environment, everyone is busy, everyone is doing allot of tasks, everything changes in a rapid rate and so we need to keep up. Looking at it from a business perspective this gives a challenge especially in start-up entrepreneurs.  For someone who is starting a business they might find themselves lost in their email, overbooking schedules and having an inefficient marketing. These scenarios are not just for the new ones; honestly this could also happen even to the most experienced individual.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in handy. In a nutshell virtual assistants are like a secretary with loads of skills but minus some overhead cost. Having a virtual assistant is really a great help in terms of unclogging your work load, however if you are planning to hire virtual assistants then go with the best virtual assistant around, I guess the next question is how? Well to tell you honestly there allot of things to consider like their credentials, work experience, testimonials if available. Taking these things into account would somehow put you in a good chance in getting the best virtual assistant.

So if everything seems to be all over the place and before things starts to fall apart you might like to consider hiring a virtual assistant. Having the best virtual assistant does not guarantee that it will solve everything but it will be a great help for sure.


How to spot the best virtual assistant

by Amir on July 9, 2013



An increasing trend is now being felt where professionals and entrepreneurs are opting to hire virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are considered to be cost effective and they can also answer almost all of the needs you require, ranging from tracking your financial reports, keeping your PR needs looking good or even ordering your favorite lunch.

Since there is a demand there are many individuals who would like to get a piece of it. So it is up to those who require the service of a virtual assistant to really make sure they get the cream of the crop. Now how do we really identify the best virtual assistant from the prowl? You can narrow it down by looking for the best virtual assistant companies; make sure that you do background research still. Getting a service of a virtual assistant from established companies gives you an upper hand that you will be having a competent one since the company does their own screening.  This would also give you an escalation route if there is any performance concern that needs to be addressed.

Another point that can be considered is their history of work. In most cases you can ask virtual assistants around their previous projects. You also need to make sure that you get to speak to them; this will ensure that their verbal communication skills are at the level of your liking.

Instead of crossing your fingers or blindly picking someone as your VA, you can consider these simple things in making your decision and hopefully it will help you to get the best virtual assistant out there.


Virtual assistant: Get more for less

by Amir on July 9, 2013


Get more for less, well you have probably heard that line a million times already but it is the best fit to describe the service of the best virtual assistant. Many among us find that the work hours are too stretched and sometimes can’t support the work load at hand. Despite of various workshops and seminars regarding time management, increasing effectiveness and keeping yourself motivated, there will still be times that work load catches you real good.

Now you finally figured out and admitted to yourself that things can’t be done alone but the next question is can I afford to hire someone? Alright you can. What about the workplace for your employee? Hmm, still within the margin. Government mandated benefits? Sure! Now you got a secretary, he or she can now arrange your schedule and give you reminders around your meetings, but let’s get more for less.

Let us have a virtual assistant. Well your virtual assistant can manage your schedule, make sure your web page is to date or let say can do all the virtual tasks needed to be done, now that is the “get more” part. How much does it cost you to hire a secretary, web designer, SEO and content writer? Caching! How much is the cheapest health insurance? Caching! How much is the new computer, desk, pedestal and all the stuff needed for a work station? This is where the “for less” part comes in, essentially Virtual assistant are home base contractors so you really don’t need to provide those. Sounds great isn’t it?

So go search now the best virtual assistant companies and hire the best virtual assistant to make sure you really “get more for less”


Offshore-OutsourcingThe boom in outsourcing services is an attractive solution for business finance because of its effect on the overhead cost. However, most business owners and managers who are new to this industry find it inappropriate if not impossible to hire somebody across the globe to do their customer service tasks or IT jobs. The emerging trend of outsourcing does not appeal to old-fashioned businessmen and entrepreneurs. They often cringe at the idea of communicating with their staff via the internet only. These business managers and owners often question the reliability and integrity of the staff that will be assigned to them. In addition, an organization who wants to venture into outsourcing must look for a reputable and trustworthy outsourcing company who has been in the industry for a long time.

Virtual Assistants International, one of the pioneers in the outsourcing service industry has been outsourcing English speaking Filipinos for decades. An American based company, VA International developed a  customized business model that addresses all concerns regarding offshore outsourcing.

To start, VA International’s service includes assistance in hiring the appropriate staff for the job which resulted in establishing a successful and lasting working relationship. VA International provides prospective clients with pre-screened candidates who passed the rigid screening process ensuring they have the necessary qualifications and work related experience. An additional screening process that the candidates must pass includes having a working computer equipment and a fast and reliable broadband internet connection.

VA International ensures that outsourcing your service provider to them will work to your business advantage. A great deal of investment was placed on developing their monitoring system which keeps the service provider accountable while working for you. This technology includes online timesheet which is linked to payroll and invoice that assures clients that they only pay the contractor for the number of hours worked.

VA International highly values provision of quality staffing solution and staff retention. This is achieved by their client invoicing system which is done one month in advanced. This system addresses the outsourcing  issues like payroll, security when dealing with quality clients and contractors and lastly this system helps VA International maintain the ability to provide quality contractors that you can partner with over a long period of time. They only cater to quality clients who made a crucial decision to commission their staffing needs through them. They have seen how a client’s business soars higher than expected which resulted to business growth and increased profit.

Therefore, if you are a business owner who wants to have more time focusing on the more important aspect of your business, and you find that the long process of hiring employees or contractors will take much of your time, you might want to consider VA International for your staffing needs because of their reliable procedures and technology that will help you to maintain a sustainable and harmonious working relationship with your outsourced staff.


offshore-outsourcingThe most important aspect before deciding to outsource any area of your business is to analyze the requirements of your company. Understanding the process of outsourcing may be a big thing for a newcomer but success greatly depends on how a business owner manage the hiring process and what should be done after the contract has been signed. Most companies hand over the job to the service provider who posted the lowest bid without taking into consideration the qualities and skills of this provider. When this happens, you can expect that sooner or later there will be missed deadlines, quality work is jeopardized and the result handed to you is sub-standard.

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Outsourcing to foreign countries that comes mostly from the third world is often considered because of the low-cost of staff, equipment and infrastructure. It brings tremendous savings to a business owner without sacrificing the quality of work output. Oftentimes outsourced virtual assistants from a country like the Philippines are degree holder and graduates from a reputable university who can give the same quality work output as what we have locally. Success in outsourcing is highly dependent on the working relationship between the business owners and the contractor or service provider.

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Careful analysis of one’s business operations is the crucial step in deciding whether an organization is ready for outsourcing or not. It has been proven that outsourcing results to exceptional benefits for both small and large-scale organizations for the past years. Upon analyzing what areas to outsource, you will be able to find what aspects of your business would bring astounding benefit when outsourced and thus allowing you to change or redirect your business strategic plan towards the goal you wanted.

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