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The 5 Most Important Tips for Outsourcing VA Work Successfully

  1.  Language Skill – hire people who can speak and write English correctly; mistakes in understanding or expressing oral/written ideas are guaranteed when using staff who are not 99% proficient… and very few are. A Mistake-free English language skill is rare and insures fluidity in bringing thoughts to words without hesitation
  2. Integrity – thousands of miles and 16 hours time zone difference requires hiring someone reliable, professional and honest; without these traits failure is on the horizon.
  3. Personality – strength of character, sense of humor, non-emotional, appreciates criticism for improvement; outgoing and not shy or reticent; outspoken is a rare but desired & sought after trait
  4. Intellect – look for knowledge hounds, avid web surfers, readers, and lovers of theater, art and music;  quick thinkers and learners are a plus; “out of the box” and “big picture” thinkers are always a good sign
  5. Experience – call center management, trainers, English teachers, exec assistance, client liaison…..all relevant


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How do I choose an agent?

We will match your requirements with the skill sets of our agents and determine who is a good fit and is available to meet your time and scheduling needs. We will arrange for you to interview accordingly either from existing available staff………or by recruiting specifically for your agent.

What level of communication can I expect from my Filipino Agent?

While English is taught as a second language in the Philippines from childhood few people in the business process outsourcing labor pool in India or the Philippines speak sufficient English to work for us or our clients. All of our staff are college graduates who have focused great effort over many years to perfect their English communication skills and neutralize their accent to make it easier for Americans and Canadians to communicate verbally and seamlessly. This rare talent they have developed gives them a tremendous advantage in succeeding with clients.

Where are your VA’s located?

All of our VA’s are based in the Philippines and work from the comfort and safety of their own homes, especially important since most are working US business hours which is the middle of the night for them. They are located in every corner of the country and use their own home computer/lap top with broadband access.

Is there a commitment necessary and how does it work?

Yes, there is a commitment to a fixed number of scheduled hours per week on a monthly basis. Your commitment will be based on a combination of your needs/requirements/expectations and budget.

What is the cost & when do I pay?

Our VA rates are only $6.75-$7.00 per hour depending on staff experience and client requirements……..web development and Internet marketing staff are only $7.50 per hour in most cases. Payment is due one month in advance of services rendered. U.S./Canada phone service (VOIP) is available at a nominal charge if required.

How do I communicate with my VA?

Our staff are trained to use email, Skype, Google Docs, VOIP service, remote servers or other collaborative systems for communicating with clients both verbally and the transmission of data. They follow the client’s preferences.

How do I keep track of what my VA is doing?

Our agents post a detailed time sheet and task excel workbook on Google Docs (or other client preferences) available 24/7 for review at any time. This document, created for every semi-monthly period (1st to 15th/ 16th to EOM), is our in-house requirement; clients may choose to use their own system as well.

What do some of your client’s think of their VA’s?

  • “I never have to explain twice”
  • “The fastest learner I have ever employed”
  • “My VA can do anything, it never ceases to amaze me”
  • “My clients have no idea my VA is half way around the world”
  • “What a difference proper English can make”
  • “This is a killer service, I have recommended VAI to numerous friends and associates”
  • “We now have a team of incredibly talented people provided by VAI”
  • “My VA’s social networking skills have increased my web site hits by 25% in 3 months….WOW!
  • “My VA is always one step ahead of me”
  • “It is fantastic having and assistant that thinks independently”
  • “It is so productive to have an assistant that really understands what I need and how I work”

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